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Environment & Natural Resources: Oil, Gas, Land & Water

The firm’s environment/natural resources section deals
with all aspects of developing land and natural resources.

Our Approach

The firm has handled numerous lawsuits involving interests in natural resources, and has represented clients before the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Oil & Gas

The firm regularly represents independent energy companies and families with productive oil and gas acreage, handling leasing, production, regulation, environmental issues, taxation, and pipeline and other transportation. The firm has been involved in many significant decisions on oil and gas law.


The firm focuses on helping clients manage or allocate environmental risk, in permitting, compliance, cleanup or contractual arrangements. The firm regularly assists clients seeking clearance from the Voluntary Cleanup Program or Innocent Owner Program, and assists clients with environmental aspects of sales, leases and acquisitions.


The firm has been active in major water rights litigation, and regularly represents clients on issues of water rights, service area, and infrastructure development.

  • Representation of a city in litigation relating to treated water supply contracts with water supply corporations.
  • Representation of an industrial customer in litigation relating to a raw water supply contract with a river authority and in the negotiation of new contract settling dispute.
  • Representation of a water district in litigation relating to a treated water supply contract between the district and a city.
  • Representation of landowners in the negotiation of groundwater leases with retail water utilities, wholesale public water system suppliers, and cities.
  • Representation of wholesale public water system supplier in the negotiation of groundwater leases, easements, and agreements to supply water to a water district.
  • Representation of various entities in matters involving groundwater regulation and groundwater permitting. See, e.g. Guitar Holding Co., L.P. v. Hudspeth County Underground Water Conservation Dist. No. 1, 263 S.W.3d 910 (Tex. 2008) (filed amicus brief on behalf of major landowner).
  • Representation of landowners in the sale and purchase of surface water rights.
  • Representation of various entities in obtaining, amending, or opposing water rights permits at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Representation of conservation organizations on current and developing water issues affecting the Texas coast.
  • Representation of a wholesale wastewater provider in the sale of a wastewater discharge permit, a wastewater treatment plant site, and related right to a city.
  • Representation of a landowner in negotiating a contract with a city and a municipal utility district for water and wastewater services.
  • Representation of landowner in a contract dispute relating to the provision of wastewater treatment services.
  • Representation of water and sewer utilities and landowners in the negotiation of contracts to extend water and wastewater utility systems and related amendment to certificates of convenience and necessity.
  • Representation of clients in cases involving disputes over water diversion, drainage, drainage design and runoff.