Matthew Baumgartner argues important case at the Supreme Court of Texas

Representing Texas Mutual Insurance Company, GDHM attorney Matthew Baumgartner argued an important case at the Supreme Court of Texas: Texas Mutual Ins. Co., et al. v. PHI Air Medical, LLC, Case No. 18-0216.  The case presents complex issues of federalism under the Airline Deregulation Act and the McCarran-Ferguson Act, including whether states have the authority to regulate insurance payments to air ambulances.  Mr. Baumgartner has argued air ambulance related issues in courts across the country in recent years.  Mr. Baumgartner was joined on the briefing by Pete Schenkkan and Mary Keeney.

GDHM’s client Texas Mutual is aligned in this case with the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation, which is represented at the Supreme Court of Texas by Assistant Solicitor General Lisa Bennett.  The oral argument video recording can be found here.