ALI Webinar – Commercial Project Insurance: A Dozen Things You Wish You Had Known

American Law Institute with the American College of Real Estate Lawyers “Commercial Project Insurance: A Dozen Things You Wish You Had Known”

Handouts and Forms


Mistakes in specifying insurance coverage for commercial leases and construction projects can lead to catastrophic uninsured losses.  This presentation will identify key liability and property insurance specifications that should be part of every commercial project lease.  The types and terms of insurance commercial projects must have; the most common insurance specification drafting mistakes will be discussed; you will learn insurance coverage “gotchas” you must avoid; and you will receive a model insurance specification checklist as well as a set of annotated standard insurance forms for your future reference.  Topics to be examined include:

  • Certificates of Insurance Are Not Certificates
  • Antiquated, Problematic and Just Plain Wrong Terminology
  • Additional Insureds Specifications – Including A General Specification for “Additional Insured” Status is Meaningless
  • Uninsured But Indemnified Liabilities
  • Completed Operations Coverage is Important
  • Coverage Exclusions May Be Invisible
  • Self-Insurance is Not Insurance
  • Casualty Proceeds Clauses
  • Insurance Specifications