Five Things To Give Thanks For In the Employment Law World

Five Things To Give Thanks For In the Employment Law World

1. An up-to-date, well-written employee handbook that clearly, concisely, and lawfully sets out your company’s policies and procedures and accurately reflects your company’s culture.

Be Thankful Because: Employees will be thankful they know what is expected of them and management will be thankful that the employee handbook will protect them if a claim or lawsuit is brought.

2. Supervisors and Managers that know your company’s policies and procedures, know at least enough about employment laws to recognize potential risks, and know to consult with HR.

Be Thankful Because: Employees will be thankful that they are treated consistently and fairly. Management will be thankful that supervisors will make more right than wrong decisions.

3. Periodic training for your employees and supervisors on the basics of employment law, including laws against harassment and discrimination.

Be Thankful Because: Training will make your company a better place to work. Also, even if a harassment or discrimination claim is made, your company can provide a strong defense against such claim since your employees and supervisors received training on these laws and you have good policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination.

4.  Up-to-date, well-written, and legally enforceable confidentially/non-disclosure and non-competitor/non-solicitation agreements with your key employees.

Be Thankful Because: These agreements are one of the first and most key steps to protecting your company, its trade secrets, and its customers and employees from unfair competition and unscrupulous employees.

5. You properly classify employees as exempt/non-exempt and properly classify workers as “independent contractors”; therefore, you know we will be in good shape if you are audited by the Dept. of Labor, IRS or Texas Workforce Commission.

Be Thankful Because: Employees will be thankful that they are paid correctly. Wage and hour audits typically occur when a disgruntled employee or competitor files a complaint. They can also occur randomly. They are time-consuming, disruptive and typically expensive.

The GDHM Employment Law Practice Group is thankful for your business and friendship. If, after hours of watching football and lots of turkey, you should think of any employment law questions or issues you would like help with,  please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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