Open Carry FAQ


During GDHM’s Open Carry Q & A Breakfast, the Employment Law Team covered several requirements of the new law. After becoming the 45th state to allow open carry, Texas employers have much more to think about. There are many factors to consider, such as company culture and type of business when creating your company policy. To help you better understand the new law, we have shared some of the important topics covered:

Is there a penalty if the company does not post the correct signs prohibiting concealed and open carry?

There is no penalty, however, the company is not in compliance and cannot prohibit concealed or open carry except by notifying persons that the company does not allow concealed or open carry and asking the person to leave the premises.

Can the owner of the company be exempt from the policy prohibiting weapons in the workplace? If so, does it need to be communicated?

The owner or anyone specifically designated can be exempt from the policy. Companies need to decide if or how they want to communicate any such exemptions.

What are the rules for company sponsored events? How will guests know if weapons are prohibited or not?

The no weapons policy issued to employees should state that weapons are also not allowed at company-sponsored events or while on company business. The required signs need to be posted to communicate with any guests who are attending the event, or guests could be advised verbally during the event if it is suspected they are carrying a weapon.

If you have multiple entrances, how many signs are necessary?

In general, the sign must be visible at each public entrance.

If the existing employee policy states that weapons are not allowed, does the policy need to be reissued or revised in light of the new law?

Probably not but you should review your policy to make sure it covers all of the scenarios you intend to cover.

Mark your calendars for our Spring seminar on May 5, 2016 as we follow-up on emerging questions on the Open Carry law. If you have further questions or need to update company policies, contact our GDHM Employment Law Team to get started today.