Texas Oil & Gas Bankruptcies filed in Texas 2016

Written by John McFarland of the Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog.

Here is a list of bankruptcy cases filed in Texas federal bankruptcy courts this year, from the Houston Business Journal, compiled by Haynes & Boone:

Energy bankruptcies filed in Texas courts in 2016 by month


Company (Texas court filed); debt




Aurora Operating LLC (Southern); $2.35 million


MOG Producing LP (Southern); $4.29 million


Antero Energy Partners LLC (Northern); $25.45 million




Emkey Resources LLC (Northern); $22.35 million


Ginger Oil Co. (Southern); $6.47 million


Argent Energy U.S. Holdings Inc. (Southern); $51.9 million


Primrose La Sara LLC (Southern); $4.3 million


DRM Sales & Supply LLC (Western); $19.18 million




GreenHunter Resources Inc. (Northern); $23.7 million


Universal Well Service Holdings Inc. (Northern); $25.15 million


Wellhead Distributors International (Southern); $31.7 million


RMR Operating LLC (Northern); $3.5 million


ESP Petrochemicals Inc. (Southern); $7.4 million


Wellflex Energy Solutions LLC (Northern); $3.9 million


DJ Oilfield Sevices LLC (Northern); $3.01 million


East African Drilling Ltd. (Southern); $45.35 million


Crossfire Manufacturing LLC (Northern); $653,600


7711 Operating Company LLC (Northern); $532,500




ATK Oilfield Transportation Inc. (Western); $34.9 million


Sanjel Inc. (Western); $1.1 billion


Bluff Creek Production LLC (Western); $7.09 million


Hydrocarb Energy Corp. (Southern); $12.5 million


Aztec Oil & Gas Inc. (Southern); $1.5 million


Energy XXI Ltd. (Southern); $2.75 billion


DiamoNorthern District Tank Rental Inc. (Northern); $8.92 million


Goodrich Petroleum Corp. (Southern); $444.2 million


FPUSA LLC (Eastern); $2.3 million


Paladin Energy Corp. (Northern); $23.48 million


Trinity River Resources LP (Western); $133.8 million


West Texas Poly Pump LLC (Western); $3.7 million


Ultra Petroleum Corp. (Southern); $3.9 billion


Midstates Petroleum Company Inc. (Southern); $2.045 billion




Linn Energy LLC (Southern); $5.962 billion

Berry Petroleum Company LLC (Southern); $1.733 billion


J P S Completion Fluids Inc. (Western); $4.49 million


SandRidge Energy Inc. (Southern); $4.19 billion


Hawk Oilfield Service Inc. (Southern); $1.2 million


Tall City Well Service LP (Western); $14.4 million


Ricochet Energy Inc. (Western); $11.35 million


Armada Water Assets Inc./Wes-Tex Vacuum Service Inc. (Southern); $24.9 million


Mark A. Martinez LLC (Southern); $0


Linc USA GP (Southern); $414.35 million




Warren Resources Inc. (Southern); $486.3 million


Note: Includes Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 15 a