Texas Supreme Court grants review in Glassdoor v. Andra Group

The Texas high court has agreed to hear Glassdoor’s petition to review a lower court’s order granting access to information about two of its users who posted negative employer reviews on its jobs and recruiting website. Graves Dougherty lawyers Pete Kennedy and Jim Hemphill are representing Glassdoor, which is asking the Texas Supreme Court to deny access to the users’ information and grant Glassdoor sanctions and fees under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, Texas’ anti-SLAPP law, which protects the right to free speech.

Law360’s article about the court’s grant of review can be found here, and its prior article about Glassdoor’s support from other technology companies here. The parties’ briefs in Glassdoor, Inc., Doe 1 and Doe 2 v. Andra Group, LP, No. 17-0463, can be found here.

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