Whole Foods’ No-Recording Policy Goes Awry


The National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) recently held that Whole Foods’ policy prohibiting tape recording in the workplace violated Section 8(a)(1)of the National Labor Relations Act. (NLRA). In Bond Shoeneck & King’s employment blog, Tyler Hendry explains how the Whole Foods’ General Information Guide includes two unlawful rules of similar principal in prohibiting the recording of company meetings and workplace areas without approval from store management. Although the NLRB finds Whole Foods’ policy unlawful, the company has appealed the decision to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. What are your thoughts on this decision?

With this recent ruling, as well as other rulings by the NLRB related to employee handbooks and policies, now is the time to review your own employee handbook and policies. Speak with a GDHM Employment attorney to learn what you can do to update and improve your employee handbook to protect your company from liability.